Fresh New Voice: Rikiesha Pierce

27 Mar

Fresh New Voice: Rikiesha Pierce aka Big Rik Locc

“She’s Got A Mouth & A Mind To Match”

In the month of February, SENSES Lifestyle hosted the FIRST “FRESH NEW VOICES” Poetry SLAM on the campus of California State University, Northridge in association with the CSUN Black Student Union. This event included a variety of performances from undergraduate poets and MC’s in a friendly competition based on their originality, stage presence, and ability to capture the crowd to be featured in this distinct section. The winners chosen were 3 beautiful, young female artists; D’mere Burnley, Shanada Davis, and Rikiesha Pierce who dominated the competition in every aspect.

I chose this month to interview the showstopper MC; Rikiesha Pierce a.k.a Big Rik Locc.

Rikiesha Pierce aka Big Rik Locc

As a fellow artist and merging fan, I absolutely had to get some time to rap with Riki. When I first saw her perform at an event similar to my own at USC I was engaged from start to finish. Not only will she have you rollin’ in ya seat with her creative punch lines but her style and flow as a rapper will have you grooving and bobbin your head simultaneously. Her ability to combine both the comedic and rap aesthetics and provocatively keep her audience engaged is illustrative of the fact that she’s one-of-a-kind in her own craft and unapologetic in her status as a lyricist and performer. She knows she’s got a mouth on her and she’s not afraid to use it, but it’s her artistic and personal psyche and her overall perspective of how she sees herself as a woman in hip-hop and abroad that serves as the conduit for her lyrics.

When she’s on stage she commands the room and not afraid to find a table or chair nearby to show you that she means business. She exhibits sexy with a “gangsta” complex, and utilizes her femininity as the source of her stage presence and the power to vocally express what’s on her mind. If you’re only paying attention to the occasional ‘4 letter expletives’ or the use of the word ‘pussy’ according to this artist “you’re just not going to get it”.  For Riki, there’s a much deeper message to her lyrics, what most people seem to miss is she’s not taking the freeway like everyone else to get her point across, she’s utilizing her maneuverability of the streets, personal experiences, and acquired knowledge to get there.

From moving around the array of cities California has to offer, Big Rik Locc has been everywhere from Los Angeles, Rialto, Chino, & the Bay area. “There’s a certain type of attitude, a flavor that’s very particular, and I ingested that…that was home for me” She has experienced in her travels a culture shock and the necessity to adapt her identity to her surroundings rather than transform her character makeup. Being able to assert herself as a USC student and high achiever and yet be able to identify with groups such as an east Los Angeles gang and establish her authenticity further shows the amount of comfort this woman has in being herself and being worthy of respect in both environments. She can speak the philosophical language of education, self-empowerment, and the streets in such a manner because she’s doing it, she’s lived it, and she’s about it. “It’s not that Black people don’t want to be educated, or can’t be educated…but it’s the language of education that scares us.”

A friendly word of caution, when you see this young lady DO NOT call her a female MC! To do that would do a great injustice to the fact that she’s an MC that so happens to be a woman and will be unafraid to call you out on marginalizing her as such. And that is not to scare you, but rather to educate that labels do minimize the power that the artist possesses.  “I never decided to be a female MC, I’m a person that makes music, and I decided to take ownership of my own language.” And indeed she has, Big Rik Locc is speaking a different kind of politics and expressing her views that the game is in need of more women rappers to counter the hegemony of a male-dominated industry.

“We need to take advantage of hip-hop and counter some of these messages, you know women talk more shit than men do most of the time, and are better at backing it up”. This undoubtedly made me laugh, but more so because I couldn’t argue with that because in reality it is true. Through her artistry Big Rik Locc is trying to chisel at the underlying predispositions that come with gender roles in a fashion that is boisterous, straight-up, and with one hundred percent authenticity. She’s a scholar, a rapper, an intellectual, a fighter and she’s setting her own trend on her own terms.

Big Rik Locc 'Not Your Average Woman & Not Your Run of the Mill Rapper'

So the next time your at USC or at your local college scene where young artists gather don’t be surprised if you see this young & sexy woman standing on a table in heels and a DOMO hat over a crowd of people and everyone is chanting “Big Rik Locc B*tch’. Don’t be fooled by the way she sways her hips or drops it low cause she’ll show you quick and in a hurry she’s not your average rapper nor just another sex object. She’s a scholar, a rapper, an intellectual, a fighter and she’s setting her own trend on her own terms. And if you have to ask because you don’t know she’ll gladly tell you “Ya Got Damn Right.”

Written By: J.Thompson

For more information on Big Rik Locc Visit:


Twitter: @BigRikLocc

Written By: J. Thompson


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