UnaPOLYgeTIC: Skittles and Iced Tea: A Message from Trayvon Martin

26 Mar

Dear SENSES Lifestyle Followers & Readers,

There are some things that happen in this life that we cannot explain. The question has always been asked “Why do bad things happen to good people?”, and my answer is because there are good people who stand by and do nothing. When I heard about the case of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and how he was slain in cold blood and the lack of response to apprehend and prosecute his killer George Zimmerman i was angered and appalled at the laissez-faire attitude of our American judicial system and the complete disregard for such a young and precious human life. And so, given the responses and movements that have arisen throughout social media networks and have generated a vast collective consciousness among communities, entertainment figures, and even the President of the United States starting with this specific case SENSES Lifestyle will be incorporating a bi-monthly political section dedicated to enlightening and educating our readers not just on the widely known issues but those that go unnoticed by the mainstream media and must be discussed in an UnaPOLYgeTIC SENSE . I have written this poem from the perspective of Trayvon and what he would say to those of us who are fighting in solidarity to see that his death is not in vain.


J. Thompson

SENSES Lifestyle Editor-in-Chief

Skittles & Ice Tea: A Message from Trayvon Martin

“Daddy I’ll be back” are probably the last words I said to my father before I could even fathom the thought of being separated from him. All I can remember was trying to make it home.

He killed me because this white guy…this George Zimmerman assumed I didn’t belong, so he singled me out, harassed me, took my life then hid behind a state technicality to save his own.

So I’m writing this message because the last thing the world will ever hear are my cries for help over a 911 call my screams is all you will ever know…you would think hearing two gunshots would be enough, but the cops still treat me like a John Doe.

They tell me the social media is buzzin’ and my people are outraged at the perversion of heinous crimes made legal by our judicial system. They write justice4trayvon on their Facebooks and twitters and petition on my behalf  and most of these people don’t even know me.

But just the other day these guys Oscar Grant & Troy Davis told me I got a bigger following than Kony. They said we to were victims of injustice, the freedom to be alive would be the biggest blessin, but once they heard of that young Black teen in Florida…it was clear we still aint’ learned history’s lessons.

I’m just hoping that a federal judge will find probable cause to warrant an arrest for my murderer so that we as a people can say that when injustice showed face at the door we stopped it.

So to my people I say thank you but please don’t let me be another trending topic!

Don’t label me as another internet movements of 2012 or just another tragedy subjected to your political ADHD. But wear that hoodie when you go into work or school instead of a suit and let the world know

I AM Trayvon Martin and he looks just like ME!!

So to the man that shot me in cold blood you didn’t bother to ask me my name because your predisposition wasn’t to listen it was only to label and attempt to assert your authority over a 17 year old boy who posed no potential threat to you or the 9mm in your pocket.

See we both know why you did it, and its in plain sight, and understood so the whole world to see. So when you you give your two cents and claim self defense on why you killed me, fuck what you gotta say and u can have these skittles and iced tea…



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