28 Feb

Confidence-Yes You Wear it Well

It’s Friday, and you’re headed to the barber to get a fresh-cut from your favorite barber so you can be fly for the night out with the fellas. You’re confidence is moderate, and to you your swag is on check. You start your evening not expecting much but wanting to meet a new lady and have some fun, but have you ever wondered how your image determines the types of ladies who will be interested in you? Many men don’t think about the types of women they attract with the style that they have and this can be a determining factor if a lady is going to respond to your advances.

Every man has his own style when getting fresh for a night out at lounge, nightclub, business event etc., and unknown to them, how you dress really does say a lot about the type of man you are just as it says a lot about the type of woman. I don’t want to say that there is only one right way to dress, because you should definitely have your own style, however there are things some men need to avoid. We women don’t want to see you looking like a hot mess; we want to be taken aback by your style and confidence.

It’s important to know how others perceive you, which style is appropriate for an event and what type of women will be more receptive to your style.

The Diddy

Business Attire

Perception: This man may be the “go getter” and his confidence is seen a mile away.  This attire is suitable for 3 different types of events: business dinner, lounge (without the tie and jacket open) and classy evening even.

Most women are attracted to the type of man who dresses this way. However, how you wear your confidence can determine if she will give the digits or not. Do Not be cocky or you probably will get shut down.

The Reggie Bush

Business Casual

Perception: This man shows that he has made a conscious effort without over doing it. This is the preferred look for hitting a casual night out, suitable for a lounge, dinner date, movie date and definitely a good 1st impression outfit.

This look gets a plus from the ladies. Make your move!

Casual (Jeans, t-shirt)

Perception: this style show that you don’t try to impress anyone, and that you feel confident in what you wear. This attire is best for a casual night out, such as a sports bar.

Plenty of women may be interested in a man who dresses like this. As long as your approach is on point you will not get shot down.

Soulja Boy

Hood Casual

(Overly sized jeans, overly sized t-shirt)

Perception: Sadly enough, the only thing that women see when a man dresses this way is that he’s lost. You leave us wondering does he have goals? Is he established? Did he catch the bus to the club? The only place suitable to dress like this is around the house. Remember your age and dress like it.

They type of women who respond to your advance dressed like this are those women who are walking around the club barefoot because her feet hurt, dancing wild on the dance floor and just overly exposed.

Lil Wayne

Emo( Skinny Jeans, tight shirt)

Perception: To some women this is considered swag and to others this is considered immature and trying too hard. However, to the man who prefers to be “swagged” up, this type of wear is appropriate for casual events only


The type of woman a man who wears this should approach is someone who equally shows as much “swag” as this type of man has. Example, Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose match. However Wiz or Lil Wayne with Gabriel Union, that isn’t going to happen.

The key to being successful at approaching a woman is being able to read her. You don’t want to just approach every woman whom you find attractive at the sake of getting a number. You also need to know the type of man you are as well, I mean really know who you are. Also, know what your image is saying about you. There are some things that men wear that all women will respond to and there are things only a type of woman will respond to. At the end of the day, whatever you do wear make sure you wear it with confidence!

By: Danielle White


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