SIGHT: Women’s Fashion Gifts On A Budget

28 Feb

Sight: Tailor-Made, Wing Tipped, & Bow Tied Fashion on a Budget

Greetings Gentleman!

And welcome to yet another riveting addition of Tailor-Made, Wing Tipped, and & Bow Tied Fashion on a Budget. As you know the month of February is here and it is time to show your significant other how much you care, or how much you don’t care and my prayer is that it’s the former and not the later. A true gentleman knows how to titillate his woman to the point where she has no other option to love you back. Normally, these articles are geared towards your fashion I.Q. and how your style can be developed on a budget; however, I have decided to take a different approach for such an occasion with this article.

Now, I know you are probably thinking to yourself, “I got this” or “I know exactly what my woman wants” however, I am almost certain that women’s fashion is more than just a purse or a dress, but its color, it’s textures, it’s a style, and for some it’s a brand. Gentleman, allow me to introduce you to: Women’s Fashion Gifts On A Budget.

The mistake that most men make is that they reach for the highest and most expensive item on the list and think that their lady would love this particular item. And you know what, you are right! Many of men have made the mistake of going for the Gucci’s, the Louis’s, and the coveted Christian Louboutin red bottoms, not knowing that you are wasting your money and making your lady look bad. If she doesn’t have over $30,000 dollars in the bank, drive a luxury vehicle, and have little to no debt, then yes, she should be blessed with such accoutrements.

However, if she is nowhere near that, please think reasonably. No reason to make her look good in the club and not allow her to look good in life. So allow me to present you with cost efficient and yet decent items that will work for you and your budget. Remember, if the brand has a deport store in the mall (Coach, Juicy Couture) then it’s not worth it. For the man who is dating the woman who enjoys shoes and purses, one label that many women enjoy is that of Tory Burch. She has a unique style of heel, flats,  shoes, and clutch purses they are reasonably priced. If I were you, I would purchase black flats and a clutch purse to match. You can find her items online at or at Nordstrom’s.

For the male that is not trying to do THAT much but desires to bless his significant other with a unique item, you should mature her wardrobe by picking up a few items from LOFT or New York & Company. Pencil skirts, a classy spring dress, and “professional wear” for the professional woman are always an excellent choices. The colors grey, yellow, navy blue and black are the colors of the season.

New York and Company Coupons

Finally for the man who just wants to do something worth wild but doesn’t have the budget to go all out, allow me to assist you with a great simplistic idea. In the future, On the “Day of Love” you can take your significant other on a “Accessories Shopping Day.” Women often complain that they have clothes, but have no accessories to go with them. So this is where you shine! Places like Forever 21, Express, and believe it or not Kohl’s has great accessories to choose from that don’t cost much. Also if you are in to custom accessory pieces that are budget friendly, there is a company called Seeking Zion Creative Design ( that focuses on designing custom accessories for women. They offer consultations with each purchase and design items that fit your love ones style.  I recently purchased 100 dollars worth of accessories for my fiancé and trust me, it’s worth it. Remember no matter what you do, it’s the heart in which you present your love that matters the most. From a card to a gift, a kiss to a hug, a real gentleman knows how to show love.

By: Lonnell Williams


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