SENSES Lifestyle Interview: Rising Star: Terrence Terrell

28 Feb

SENSES Lifestyle Interview -“3 Man Weave Series”- Rising Star: Terrence Terrell

“A Star On The Rise”

By: Taelor Cage

Terrence Terrell wasn’t your average little man pretending to fly like Superman. Instead you could catch this emerging entertainer putting on a show to whoever would watch and listen. The 80’s hit “My Prerogative” by the notorious Bobby Brown was one of the first songs he ever sang, danced, and even performed to. “I don’t know what it was but there was something about it that made me just want to move.”  Terrence Terrell opens up in an exclusive interview with Senses Lifestyle Magazine first about his life, career, and even dating.

Like any teenager growing up and maturing into manhood, Terrence also experienced those awkward moments of insecurity as well as bullying. “People bullied me about my head, my voice, my big nose,” the rising star said, “I always thought I looked weird.” Unlike some, Terrence didn’t let haters affect him from shining to the top. By turning the negativity into humor, he found comfort in being able to laugh at himself, something few people have found to do. He says joyfully, “If I can laugh at myself bullying is really out of the question.”

Through a new-found confidence and his eyes on the prize, this college graduate left his southern roots in Mississippi and headed to Los Angeles, California to pursue his dreams of acting and modeling. Already he has landed roles in music videos ranging from R&B sensation Beyoncé to “Mother Monster” otherwise known as Lady Gaga. Not including his work as an actor in films including appearances on NBC, Showtime, and Fox only to name a few. When asked what he felt was the most challenging task in his career thus far he replied, “Coming up with your own look and going on casting calls,” Terrell says, “when I do go out I want people to remember me for me, not oh I fit the ‘black guy’ role.”

In addition to his good looks, he’s constantly compared to singer songwriter Brian McKnight, and Leon from the Five Heartbeats. However, Terrence Terrell jokingly admits it doesn’t bother him. And for the ladies wondering if this tall dark and handsome brother is taken, he certainly isn’t. He is single and focusing his attention solely on his career. So keep an eye out for this up and coming star, I’m almost certain this won’t be the last time you hear the name Terrence Terrell.

For more information on Terrence Terrell visit:

Follow Him On Twitter: @IAMTERRENCET


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