SENSES Lifestyle Interview: Poet: Nate “Poetics” Howard

28 Feb

SENSES Lifestyle Interview: -“3 Man Weave Series”- Poet: Nate “Poetics” Howard

By: J. Thompson

It is not everyday that you come across a young, intellectual,and ambitious 20-year old poet, student, and activist such as Nate Howard. In fact, an individual of his caliber is a rarity within this emerging generation, consumed by materialism and fast dreams. But clearly there is a vestige of hope that still exists and this young man is a prime, and genuine example. The essence of Nate Howard far extends beyond the art of poetry. While he has received much acclamation and press for his motivating, inspiring, and stimulating pieces, it is only a fraction of the success that he has attained. Nate Howard is also an activist, host, musician, and a young purveyor for social change through music via the fusing of music and popular culture. Originally from San Diego, California, Nate currently studies at the prestigious University of Southern California where he is a Communications Major.

As an emerging artist his desire and passion is challenging young Black males who are marginalized within the socio-economic and educational system and to set the example for young Black students.  My interview with this young man was nothing short of amazing, his humility, ambition, optimism, and dedication to his art and many projects further prove that he will be a world-class artist and community leader. And when it comes to the word “quality”, Nate Howard embodies the meaning and is no exception.

SENSES: As a young poet & artist who has accomplished so much at a young age, where does your inspiration come from?

“God first and foremost. It’s a blessing I live everyday and I’m inspired that I’ve been given a place on earth. My mother wasn’t able to have kids and somehow I’m blessed to be here. I know my poetry is a gift from God and I’m thankful.

SENSES: How long have you been perfecting your artistry?

“I’ve been writing since age 10. My first poem I wrote when I was 7, it was entitled “God Loves Me”. At the age of 10 I got published in Young Poets Pathology. Later on I became a writer for the San Diego Tribune and got into more speaking engagements in high school.”

SENSES: Describe for me some of your most memorable achievements?

“Winning the State Championship in 2008 for my rendition of Bill Cosby’s “Pound Cake Speech”. I was never really into Speech & Debate though, but it was identical to Theater so I took it up. In addition to that, being accepted to USC. It allowed me to really build off everything I’ve learned.”

SENSES: Tell me about your work with The Beat Advocate how did you all get started as a group?

“Freshmen year at SC, some guys wanted to start a Hip-Hop band. I rapped for fun here and there and we connected the first day. On a Friday, we were jamming and had a show the next week. We won College Battle of the Bands for Social Justice & Inequality. Right now I’m hosting a new show called Platform Music that airs every Friday at 5:30 P.M. on LA Channel 36 and will be showcased on to over 2.8 million viewers.

SENSES: What do you see as some of the more dire issues facing Black youth today, and are there any solutions?

“Education by far is the biggest. I plan on working on urban education reform. I go to a private university, but the surrounding schools are horrible. The discipline for young Black males to go to school is ridiculous, and we watch way too much television. We honestly need to read more. I want to show celebrities that kids look up to express a positive image. Prisons, they build based on their reading level in the 4th grade. I want young kids to be inspired to be unique.”

SENSES: Tell me about your experience as a student activist and College rep for The Island Def Jam Music Group ?

“I built up a lot of connections and just put on a lot of events. I started with a meet & greet with Gucci Mane on my campus. I had to ask God to reveal his purpose with this one. I remember Gucci giving a student $1000 dollars right out of his pocket and $4000 dollars to the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), but that got a lot of criticism. I also had Nipsey Hussle come to USC. Most people don’t know that his mixtapes hold a lot of knowledge that many viewers miss. As far as Def Jam, I’m trying to showcase music in a light that is not all about materialism. I also hosted an event on Skid Row with Public Enemy, Chuck D, and Nipsey.”

SENSES: What is your creative process like when you are preparing a new piece?

“I take a shower…I happen to think of the most amazing things in there. Also the note section on my iPhone is key. I email my notes to my computer and practice, practice, practice.”

SENSES: When your pen isn’t conversing with your paper, what do you do in your spare time?

“Spare time hmm…I’m usually chilling with friends. Me and my friends have cyphers often at my house.”

SENSES:  What is your advice to current poets and artists who desire to expand their creativity and get recognized for their art?

“There’s no secret way…if you want something you’ll find any way, any way to make it happen. You have to be aggressive and change your mentality. If you want to perform you have to go to the events of the industry you want to be in. Stay humble and don’t burn bridges with people, we’re all human.”

SENSES: SENSES Lifestyle Magazine is dedicated to defining and exhibiting the finest essence of “quality” in all aspects of life? What is your personal definition of “quality”

“Quality is the whole idea that Quality is better than Quantity. Quality represents something that is humble, and in itself is something you’ve invested everything into. It’s something from God that takes time to perfect and develop. It’s so much bigger and purposeful than the original design.”

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Platform Music is every Friday at 5:30 P.M. on LA36 and LIVE on


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