The ‘Common Sense”: Eye Spy

10 Jan

Eye Spy

Monkey see…monkey do. In other words people watch and mimic others whether it’s the way they speak or the actions they make. The sense of sight has influenced our society to depend on others on how to act amongst each other. People naturally become self-conscious more than usual especially when the feeling of being judged is present or if they feel they’ve been judged negatively in the past. This inherently leads to pre-conceived notions and held assumptions. This gift of sight is abused and taken for granted everyday and we utilize it for everyday purposes such as driving, communicating, or admiring others. However, to see beauty for what it really is, is the true gift people fail to realize.

We are naturally so wrapped up in a person’s physical appearance that we forget to acknowledge a person for who they really are…their personality and character. Personality can make a person either the most beautiful and well-rounded person in the world or the complete opposite. Not to mention we also fail to consider what a person can really bring to the table. In today’s society there’s a confusion of what beauty is, while some use their sight to focus on outer beauty others would rather focus their attention on something that’s everlasting such as a nice personality, compassion, intelligence, charm, and then some. But of course, to see the beauty in something is easier said than done.

In fact, the majority will say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and no two people will find beauty in the exact same thing, but to actually have the vision and hind sight is breath taking to say the most, especially when looking at things through a long-term lens rather than an ephemeral and material one. In my personal life, I do my best to never judge others by what they appear to look like because I wouldn’t want others judging me in return. Instead I do take the time to get to know a person starting with the inside and navigating my way out until I can come to the consensus of who they really are as an individual.  As my mama would say “eyes are the gateway to a person’s soul” and if you ask me the saying speaks for itself.

By: Taelor Cage


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