SENSES LIFESTYLE: The Guide To A Gentleman January 2012 Issue

10 Jan

HAPPY NEW YEAR Ladies & Gentlemen!! And welcome to the 2012 January issue of SENSES Lifestyle. 2011 in review was without question a year of new innovation, a year of transition, but more importantly a “quality” year! We hope that you are excited for all that SENSES will be offering you this new year. We are dedicated to bringing you even better knowledge and insight within the senses as well as highlighting even more talented artists, poets, and redefining the quality lifestyle that we strive so much to attain in a whole new way. THIS MONTH we feature the premiere article from SENSES newest writer; Danielle White, a thorough review of the best Hip-Hop/Neo-Soul albums & EP’s of 2011 from SENSES Director; Khorry Lewis, another insightful and thoughtful “Common Sense” lesson, and we have brought back the sense of SMELL after a brief hiatus! We wish you well in 2012 and may quality ALWAYS be yours to define…

J. Thompson

SENSES Lifestyle Editor-In-Chief


TOUCH: I Ain’t Sayin She a Gold-digger…

HEARING: 2011 Good Music Recap: Top 10 Soulful and Underground Albums/ Ep’s

SMELL: I May Not Have A Milli, But I Smell Like It…

The ‘Common Sense”: Eye Spy

Fresh New Voices: Good Sex


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