TOUCH: Things Women Should NEVER Say To Their Man

8 Oct

Things women should NEVER say to their man . . .

It never occurred to me that the things I say while I am in a relationship could hold so much
weight. When I communicate I like to be as direct and honest as possible. I have learned that
honesty is not always the best policy. I’m not implying that I am a liar because lying has never
been my thing. My issue is speaking without thinking. I have put my foot in my mouth a couple
of times when it comes to offending my significant other. The reason being, I say exactly what
comes to mind instead of leaving a few choice words on the cutting room floor.
Guys, I know you are always getting called out for offending women with your insensitive choice
of words. So for once I wanted to give you all a break and highlight some of the things I have
figured out along the way that are just NOT okay to bring up.

First up – Discussing my boyfriend’s weight
Everyone knows that women are sensitive when it comes to weight but who knew it was also a touchy subject for men? Case in point- My boyfriend is in the Navy and he had to go to training for a few weeks.

Before I go on to this next part I will say that when we met he had a nice body. He’s 6’4 with a basketball player’s build and let’s just say he is a person that has to stay in the gym in order to
keep his weight up.

When he came back from training I was shocked and appalled. All I could think was DISGUSTING! Why do you look ANOREXIC??? It didn’t help any when he commented on how skinny he had gotten. That made me feel like it was okay to give my honest opinion when he asked what I thought. So I said, “Yeah you look anorexic, I could tell you lost weight when I hugged you.”

Even worse, every time I looked at him, he accused me of sizing him up. I did not know where
to look and I was sorry I even mentioned his weight loss. From now on when he asks about his
body I plead the fifth. No need for me to be put in the dog house for his personal body issues.
However, what I did do was suggest that he start drinking Muscle Milk since I saw it in his
refrigerator. After mentioning it for a couple of weeks he has started his Muscle Milk intake . . .

Next up- Insulting a Man’s Intelligence
This sounds like a no brainer. No man wants to be called an idiot. Even though that may be
true, a lot of complaints my friends make about the guys they first meet, have to do with their
intelligence, or lack thereof. Everything matters from how you spell when you text to your social
and political awareness. I once had a friend tell me about this guy her friend was dating. They
were all talking about music and he said “You know who’s hot? That new rapper named Wale”
(but he pronounced it WHALE). My friend sat there with a confused look on her face and then
finally the group figured out who the hell he was talking about.
With text messages I know we are in the day and age where people love shortening words. As
true as that may be one of the HUGEST PET PEEVES I have heard from my friends is seeing
words spelled like this . . . DAT, CUM, DIS, YU, DOE, HEAUX, KNOE, DEN. Now that sh*t you
do not have to be college educated for. We are not asking men to sit around and talk about
uprisings in the Middle East, but you could at least spell better than a fifth grader. So please, do
not give us a reason to insult your “inteligence”- spell correctly and speak about what you know.

Things left on the cutting room floor
Before writing this article, I asked my most uncensored friend for some things she has always
wanted to tell the guys she has dated, but could not because she did not want to offend them.
Here is what she said:
● Learn how to spell
● Maybe you need to go back to school because you sound like an idiot
● You need braces
● Have you thought about acne treatment

Clearly both men and women can be offensive. That is not what I want you take away from
this article. Instead, choose your words wisely and take a moment to think about what you are
actually saying before it comes out. This is an important lesson I have learned throughout the
years. Shout out to all of the relationships I have ruined because I just could not bite my tongue.

Written By: M.T.


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