The “Common Sense”: Some Things Never Change

8 Oct

Some Things NEVER Change

The old saying “mama didn’t raise no fool” has been said throughout generations,
and it hasn’t gotten old since. People nowadays seem to have no common sense, almost
as if all their morals have been dropped when approaching some situations. Most of time it’s peer pressure, while in other instances individuals’ morals are non-existent. A number of cases varies to how and to when people should use their common sense. Therefore it is pertinent that both and men and women  be conscious of the situations they find themselves in as well as who they surround themselves with.

Parents have been there and done that, with that being said no parent wants to their child make the same mistake they did growing up. Hence where common sense originates from. No matter the circumstance common sense is something that a hundred percent of the time can never lead you astray. While several people assume otherwise, common sense is probably the only source that can lead you from the drama and trouble. According to Webster’s Dictionary, the term “common sense” means the sound practical judgment derived from experience rather than study.

Most individuals need look no more, all their concerns or questions are answered when they utilize their common sense. Ladies, if he doesn’t respect his mother, common sense says he probably isn’t going to respect you. Gentlemen, if she’s been around the block one or too many times,common sense says she’s not wife material. Moreover your sense of judgement is something that can and should be used in all circumstances, most of all it will keep you from finding yourself trapped in a worst case scenario.

Written By: Taelor Cage


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