HEARING: Phonte Presents – Charity Starts at Home

8 Oct

Phonte presents: Charity Starts At Home

"Charity Starts At Home" by Phonte

The yearning for that soothing hip hop experience where lights are shut off and lyrics
with assistance from an impeccable beat zone you out into a poetic euphoria is the
lost sense in most hip hop albums. Coming across an old hip hop folder album full of
creative souls, spirits and classical music that a person can call timeless immediately
made me realize that September 27th is the day that I can add another masterpiece to the

Phonte Coleman heralded for his work with Little Brother and The Foreign Exchange
released the long –awaited solo album Charity Starts At Home. This album displays the
raw talents of Phonte as an MC laying down verses for a more mature audience. The hip
hop world has been anticipating an album from Phonte since the break up of duo Little

Neo-Soul artist "Phonte Coleman"

Phonte put together an album expressing a wide range of emotions from past and present
experiences. Coleman brings the feel of good hip hop to the listener with each track being
a realistic life issue or situation that gives back metaphorically to send positive messages.
When Phonte does an album he always keeps a theme and concept all listeners can relate
to by the end of the album, not too many albums today can do that along with making
you bob your head to each track.

It is very easy to appreciate the production as well as the rhyme on the album, producer
9th Wonder laid down magic on four of the 12 tracks such as Not Here Anymore ft. Elzhi
in addition to the rest of the producers keeping the tempo right where it needed to be
with tracks such as Gonna Be A Beautiful Night ft. Carlitta Durand (Prod. By S1) and
my personal favorites Who Loves You More ft. Eric Roberson (Prod. By E. Jones) and
Sending My Love (Prod. By Stro Elliot).

Charity Starts At Home is the feeling the game has been missing bringing the classic hip
hop feel with a melodic soulful punch. Phonte is a very talented individual that presents
good music to listeners all over the world, if you are not familiar with the movement of
Phonte’s music now is the time to zone out to a metaphoric masterpiece.

Written By: Khorry Lewis


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