SIGHT: Tailor-Made, Wing Tipped, & Bow Tied Fashion on a Budget

6 Oct

Sight: Tailor-Made, Wing Tipped, & Bow Tied Fashion on a Budget

Greetings Gentlemen and welcome to yet another edition of Tailor-Made, Wing Tipped, & Bow Tied Fashion on a Budget. I was truly torn this month on what I wanted to discuss. Many men that I know during this past summer have either gotten married or decided that they have found the woman that they want to spend the rest of their lives with. I in fact proposed in August myself.

With that being said, something hit me as I mauled through a few action items for my pending wedding, and I realized that in less than a year I will be married and hopefully soon after a father. And with fatherhood comes responsibility. Every man’s ultimate dream is to have a son that is just like him. A young man that they can train up, teach the ropes to, teach him the game (figuratively and literally), and most importantly teach him how to dress. But how can we as men teach our boys something that we have yet to understand ourselves.

I remember as a child the one thing that I appreciated about my father was the day he sat me down and taught me how to tie a tie. Being able to move from a clip on tie (come on, everyone did it) to a full length grown man tie meant something. It was like a black bar mitzvah, Passover, and a coming to age moment all at the same time! Like the crazy monkey, Rafeki from the Lion King, raising me up over the pride and showing the world that I was soon to be king. I will never forget that moment, and hopefully you will have the opportunity to teach your son or a young man the value in being able to wear a grown man tie.

Now a word to the wise, if you are still wearing clip on bow ties, clip on ties, or pre-fabricated ties you should get off of your mobile device, go to the nearest window, and jump. Who does that?! You are a man now, and men should not only act like a man but must dress like one! Above you will find a diagram of how to tie a tie. I want you to practice, practice as much as you need too. Stand in the mirror and just go for broke.

You should be able to do any style of tie necessary for the occasion and shirt style (which we will cover in our next article.) Normally, my Senses™ articles are filled with fashion tips and witty commentary but instead, I decided to give you something that had value, something that words on a page could never give. I want to give you what my father gave me and what you will hopefully give to your child…. the day you knew he saw you as more than boy but a man. And that gentlemen is priceless.

Written By: Lonell Williams


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