6th Sense of Quality: Innovative Training

7 Sep

Innovative Training

Whether your goal is to become the best athlete you can be, or simply lose a few stubborn pounds and feel great about your body, you have to become committed to putting in the work. Everyone thinks getting fit starts in the gym, but it actually starts in the kitchen. Having a balanced diet is essential to reaching your long-term goals in regards to working out and staying healthy. Taking the initiative to confront the problem of not working out and mentally telling yourself that it’s time for a change is one of the hardest things to do, but once you overcome that fear the world is yours. Innov8tive Training works on all dynamics of training. It is composed of 8 easy steps that will help you reach your workout goals. Abdominal training, Endurance training, Plyometric training, Cardio, Circuit training, Strength training, Speed and Agility.

Innnov8tives cardio boot camp will help with weight loss, endurance, general health and the opportunity to achieve a goal at the end of every month. Each month the boot camp class will start a new workout, and will focus on that specific workout for 4 Saturdays which equals out to a month. The goal is for you to get progressively better each week. Innov8tive Training will also assist anyone with help regarding nutrition or any health questions that the individual may need some feedback on. The boot camps will be held at parks in the greater Los Angeles area every Saturday morning, if you have any questions email GetInnov8tive@gmail.com or call 661-208-2114 and ask for Nemo.


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