TASTE: Sundays on 3rd Street

7 Sep

Sundays On 3rd Street

Gentlemen, have you ever been in a situation where you want to take your lady friend on a quality date but you’re not sure exactly where to take her. It’s the weekend, you just got paid and you want to show her a good time without trying too hard to impress her. The movies are too cliché for the first outing, and going to a club is not the best way to achieve getting to know her better in a personal setting so eliminate those options NOW!

The key to a first date is to make it intimate and enjoyable for the both of you and to make it last. EVERY MINUTE COUNTS! It gives you a chance to show your creative side and be unpredictable. If you take her to just any ordinary place more than likely she’s mentally placing you in the proverbial pool of average men that she’s considered in the past. Now don’t get me wrong, some women are simple when it comes to first dates and that’s perfectly fine, and by all means if you need to save money do not live beyond your means and embarrass yourself and her when the check comes. However, what I am saying is women are interested in a man who has good TASTE and can show them something new.

Recently, this past weekend I took a lovely young lady with me to Santa Monica to enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon brunch at Ma’kai Japanese restaurant and lounge along the upscale and lively 3rd Street Promenade. In the process of planning this outing I considered multiple restaurants, and a few wine tasting venues but seeing that this was one of the revered hotspots for an early lunch and cocktails I made my reservations accordingly. What I really enjoyed about this restaurant was its serene and tranquil candlelit atmosphere as it was located only footsteps away from the Pacific Ocean and the outside seating along with the couches and ottomans in the interior made it a place me and my date could get real comfortable in.

The menu had an array of dishes from New Zealand Lambchops, Kobe Beef Steak, and of course one of my personal favorites; Sushi. Now you may not be a seafood lover and that’s fine but if it’s a dish you and your date are willing to try I highly suggest it. There’s nothing more tasty than a Spicy Tuna or Shrimp Tempura roll with a side of eel sauce to sink your teeth into. (And no eel sauce does not come from eels it’s a sweet teriyaki sauce for glazing and dipping) Plus, if neither of you are savvy with chopsticks I guarantee you’ll share a few laughs learning how to master them.

Now this is not a sushi restaurant, but the dishes that they do serve are quite delectable. I also suggest trying a delicious cocktail to feel more at ease as Happy Hour on Sunday’s starts at 4pm. I myself ordered some mimosas for good measure and the waitress definitely used the right French champagne to give it that extra kick. After speaking to the waitress I was informed that from 11am to 3pm you can dine in the restaurant and enjoy an endless champagne brunch while having great conversation on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I will most definitely be coming here again as a starter or transition on another outing.

Now if you so choose to go to 3rd Street in Santa Monica I advise you to make sure your finances are straight as dining in this area is a bit more expensive. Yes you’ll probably be paying $15-$20 just for appetizers alone. But again, an advantage for more food and less price is going to a restaurant that has a Happy Hour, and there’s nothing wrong with saving money…just don’t be cheap gentlemen!

Written By:

J. Thompson



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