Gentlemen Republic Presents: Urban Planters

7 Sep

Urban Planters

Urban Planters is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to sow seeds of knowledge and aspiration within the grounds of our communities. We offer programs that provide value and substance which are reinvested within individuals defining a positive and everlasting imprint within urban communities.


“Growth is a continuous process”


“To plant beneficial resources and opportunities which brings forth a harvest that improve the quality of living amongst urban communities.”


–          Provide assistance with values that increase moral, social skills, academic achievement and cultural growth among the youth.

–          Provide constructive programs that generate resources to urban communities.

–          Provide tools and insight that will improve financial stability and the quality of living within urban communities.

Distinguished Gentlemen (Mentorship)

Distinguished Gentlemen is our male mentoring program where goal-oriented gentlemen are rooted and harvest to reach a potential where there are neither limits nor boundaries to their capabilities to achieve in all aspects of life.

Growth (Community)

Growth is our community program that cultivates the value & worth of the community through supportive drives and partnerships with other nonprofit organizations.

S.M.A.R.T.  (Financial)

S.M.A.R.T. is our financial program that provides tools and resources to help ensure financial security amongst individuals and families within the community by illustrating the importance to Saving Money and Reinvesting Time back into financial literacy.


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