SMELL: The Essence Of Scent

5 Sep

The Essence Of Scent

Out of all five senses it seems like the one sense that comes in hand when one least expects is the sense of smell. Whether it’s the smell of musty man or that indescribable smell of your night and shiny armor. One thing as a woman who never fails me is smell; it’s a sense that’s a blessing and curse all in one. A smell on a man can either turn a woman on or off leading to a second date or being the date from hell. When a woman smells that specific smell on a man it automatically grabs her attention.  Let’s be real women love a man who smells fresh, clean, professional, and sexy. The sense of smell is complicated but when you enjoy a fragrance you words can’t explain how you like it. Personally, my favorite male cologne are ones that are strong in wear but not excessively heavy.

For example, Aqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani, Kenneth Cole Black by Kenneth Cole, and Polo Black by Ralph Lauren to just name a few are my favorite men’s colognes. Although different they collectively have a distinct smell that reminds me of that cleanliness “after shower” smell. When I get close to a man that’s wearing Kenneth Cole and his fragrance rubs off on to me it has me debating if I even want to wash that blouse because it smells so good!

When a man wears one of my many favorite fragrances my nostrils open up like a freshly just cooked Sunday dinner. It draws me closer to him and makes me interested in who he is as a person. A woman appreciates a good smelling man just like any man would appreciate a fine smelling woman. I want a man that I can stand proudly next to and know every woman in the room is interested in what fragrance he’s wearing so they can buy it for their man. The nose is a sensitive part of the body and shouldn’t whiff stench in. Remember first impressions are always lasting impressions therefore fellas here’s a little inside advice wear a fragrance that isn’t too strong and over powering but simply bold enough to make a statement, and soft. A good fragrance on a man will have a woman wanting more guaranteed, I know it does for me.

By: Taelor Cage


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