SIGHT: Tailor-made, Wing Tipped, & Bow Tied Fashion on a Budget

5 Sep

Sight: Tailor-made, Wing Tipped, & Bow Tied Fashion on a Budget


Greetings gentlemen and welcome to yet another inspiring and fashion changing article of Tailor-made, Wing Tipped, & Bow Tied Fashion on a Budget. As we press now into the beginning of the new school year for some or weary work days and no summer fun for others, we must address one of the most important elements of the fall, and that is fashion. Fall of 2011 will be an interesting edition for many connoisseurs of fashion and therefore it is my overwhelming and inspiring responsibility to be the first to introduce you to your amazing fall purchases. For men the new item to wear is suits. Any man who considers himself to be a man of good taste knows the importance of a good suit. More importantly, a well-tailored suit. Single-breasted with a wide collars or double bested pin strip suits will be your best buys for the fall. If you need assistance picking a suit style, look at the show “Mad Men” and you can use the suits and fashion styles from this show as a benchmark for your suit purchases. Many colors for the fall are those of the darker grays and blues, plaids, and/or solid autumn colors (brown, tan, or black). A new element that is making its way into the fashion world would be that of a top coat, or dinner jacket. These pieces are jackets that can stand alone with a pair of slacks or jeans and are excellent for after hour functions, date nights, or lounge settings.

            Now with suits comes much responsibility. Your pocket square must be one of unique quality and purpose to bring your suit together. Remember, accessories count. For example, if you chose to wear a light grey suit, with a pink shirt, I would wear a dark blue pocket square with a pink/grey/red undertone. Why you ask? Ideally you want to wear something that brings your shoes, belt, and entire suit in play. It’s key. And because we are talking about belts, this fall, the modest belt is what is hitting the fashion block. No longer are expensive gaudy belts with the “double G” and “LV” as a belt buckles considered fashionable. Simple, modest colors with modest designs always win. If you think you are doing too much with an outfit, you probably are. And shoes are key for any outfits because they define who you are. Please, for my own personal sake, burn your Stacy Adams two-tone alligator cut shoes. They will never make it board room nor the street. Purchase yourself a pair of decent shoes, preferable wing-tipped or square tops that are comfortable, light, and consider in style. Now I have given you a complete overhaul to your fashion in the fall that will impress your boss, your lady, or your mates. Take head lets you fall…

Next let’s talk about some areas of your fashion game that will have to step up in the fall of 2011. I believe that every article I write should have some piece of practical information that could be life changing, well, maybe not life changing, but changing all together. Gentlemen, if you are going to wear a polo shirt, dress shirt, or any shirt with an open collar, always wear a v-neck t-shirt underneath. There is nothing worse that seeing a cleanly dressed brother with a white t-shirt sticking out of his open collar. Remember, v- necks for open collars, crew neck undershirts for closed collars shirts. Remember your fashion is more than just t-shirts and jeans, your fashion should define you as a man.

By: Lonnell Williams


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