SENSES: The Guide To A Gentleman September Issue

5 Sep

Ladies and Gentlemen, on this special holiday we’d like to first off thank God the Almighty who has blessed this brand known as Gentlemen Republic and SENSES Magazine for bringing us into a successful first year of business, entertainment, service, and of course quality. To our readers and subscribers we thank you for all of your support and will continue to produce even more insightful and sophisticated articles that will assist in your social and professional endeavors as you strive for your unique “quality” lifestyle. This issue in comparison to all previous editions features numerous, special articles including an EXCLUSIVE interview with neo-soul artist & vocalist;  YahZarah for the sense of HEARING for all you music lovers! We have also released all of the amazing photography from our 1st Anniversary celebration, “OCEAN FANTASY” for your viewing pleasure. In addition to this, as Gentlemen Republic continues to expand we have also included a section highliting our developing non-profit sector, Urban Planters! We invite you to learn all there is to know about Gentlemen Republic through SENSES Magazine as we continue to progress throughout this year.

May quality be yours to define…


SENSES Magazine

Editor in Chief


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