SIGHT: Tailor-made, Wing tipped, & Bow- Tied Fashion on a Budget

3 Aug

Sight: Tailor-made, Wing tipped, & Bow-Tied Fashion on a Budget

Greetings Gentlemen, and welcome to this wonderful and profound addition of Tailor-made, Wing tipped, & Bow tied fashion on a budget. As usual it is my purpose to instruct in the ways of fashion, savings, and style. My grandfather once told me that if you want to keep someone ignorant (in relationship to ones lack of knowledge rather than their level of competence) you put it in a book. I believe to this day that this statement is very true! We do not read at all. In fact, I’m pretty sure you cannot tell me the last book you read for leisure that was not apart of a homework or class assignment.

If you really want to grow as a man in style and knowledge, pick up a book. However, allow me to step down from my soapbox and give you some credible information that could change your personal fashion outcome or mindset. When I was in college, I enjoyed reading and studying because I knew that whatever information I desired I could find it in a book. To this day, I attempt to read at least 30 books a year. I currently have 3 books in rotation. Reading is fundamental and essential to your development as a man and as a leader.

However, I am pretty sure you are wondering, ‘what in the hell does reading have to do with fashion?’ It has EVERYTHING to do with fashion. Magazines, websites, articles, and books are riddled with fashion information that you need and desire. For example: GQ magazine, DETAIL, and sometimes Men’s Magazine are a perfect throne room (Bathroom /Toilet) magazine that will give you the ‘what what’ in fashion. Websites like “” or “” give you pertinent articles that address the current trends that are shaping out in men’s fashion. From what colors are in season, what shoes work with what jeans, all the way down to what new age deodorant or breath mint that have been created to give you the undeniable confidence you need to capture the woman in your line of view.

But let’s say you want something a bit more literature like, check out these books. Mr. Fonzworth Bentley’s (Yes, P. Diddy’s manservant and fashion icon) created a book, “Advance Your Swagger: How to Use Manners, Confidence, and Style to Get Ahead” specifically for those in need of a fashion and chivalry training overhaul. Or, Detail Magazine places a book out every year that focuses on the new trends in fashion and shoes entitled, “Details Men’s Style Manual: The Ultimate Guide for Making Your Clothes Work for You.” Or, the infamous Brooks Brothers have a slew of books that focus on fashion, chivalry, and etiquette. Such as, “Brooks Brothers: Generations of Style: It’s All about the Clothing” or “A Gentleman Gets Dressed Up: What to Wear, When to Wear it, How to Wear it (Gentlemanners Book.)” These resources are cheap or free and are invaluable in your development as a fashion staple. Remember, knowledge is power, and power always rocks a bowtie.

Written By: Lonnell Williams

Edited By: J. Thompson


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