Sight: Tailor-made, Wing tipped, & Bow-Tied Fashion on a Budget

30 May

Diversity On A Budget

Have you ever woke up, bright and early in the morning, looked in your closet and realized, “man I have nothing to wear!?” If the truth were to be told, that is a false and some what incomplete statement. The reality is that you do have something to wear; you just don’t like what you own. Be it a repeat outfit, or the same tired ol’ busted shoes, or simply out of seasoned clothing, it is time for you to recognize that you can resuscitate your fashion I.Q. and grab that attention you are looking for with just a simple addition to your clothing!

But I am certain that you are saying to yourself, “I don’t have the money to go shopping, and everything that I own is either skinny jeans or v neck tees!” Well allow me to express my discontent for that particular fashion movement. Yes it is trendy and yes it will get you the female attention that you need, but there is nothing worse than a young successful man walking into an interview with skinny jeans and ray bans. So let me help you. The first thing you must do to bring life back into your outfit game.

Diversity is so key. But how can you diversify on a budget. Don’t worry; the name of this editorial is Tailor-made, Wing tipped, & Bow-Tied Fashion on a Budget, with the emphasis on a “budget”! The best way to accomplish this is by understanding the market and seeing what you can do to accomplish your fashion goals on a budget. The one and only piece of advice that I can give you that I know will work is “search the web!!” There are so many websites that give you discounts on all types of fashion (street, urban, business, hats, shoes, accessions) you name it they have it. Sites like,,, Joining these websites is free, and you receive major discounts for some great clothing. The only catch is that many of the sales are time sensitive and can last from 24 hours to 72 hours. These sales happen rather quickly so you must be by your computer, Iphone, or Ipad on the daily, but trust me it will work.

For example, today a B. Scott Shawl Collar sweater (which would be great next winter) was originally priced at $280 dollars, but is being sold for 65 dollars today. Or, a Thomas Pink Spread Collar Dress Shirt that retails at 600 dollars is being sold for 99 dollars. These sales are insane and you can grab them everyday of the week, 365 days of the year! Now consider this, let’s say you are looking to capture these same type of sales for Urban attire (Crooks and Castle, Monarchy, Supra) there are sites that cater to these clothing lines. Don’t forget, it is on YOU to search out through the sales and find the one outfit that works; it is my responsibility to point you in the right direction. A man is not defined but what name brand he puts on, he is defined by inexpensive clothes that are blessed to wear him.

Written By: Lonnell Williams


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