Senses Lifestyle Magazine: Winter 2013 Issue

3 Feb


Greetings Everyone and Welcome Back! We hope that 2013 has presented you with a fresh start and a clear pathway to making this the best year possible for yourself. Senses Lifestyle Magazine offers you this season with our introductory Winter 2013 issue! This year we have dedicated our purpose to providing you our readers with an expansive outlook on how to further define quality in your lifestyle as well as an inside look on some of the best intellectual, creative, and talented entrepreneurs, music artists, and world changers out in the world today. We want you to help us make this vision of success tailor-made to meet your every need! We hope you enjoy this season’s issue.

“Senses Lifestyle…a lifestyle that will give you an excuse to be perfect.”

Joshua Thompson


Khorry Lewis

Director & Publicist

Table of Contents:

Taste: First Date Impressions, The Cocktail Tells All

Touch: Is Being Single The New Norm

Sight: The Fashionista: From Fashion To Functional

Hear: Vinyl Junkie: The Addiction of Vintage Sound

Smell: Top 5 Best Smelling Cigars


Taste: First Date Impressions, The Cocktail Tells All

3 Feb

Taste: First Date Impressions, The Cocktail Tells All

A first date can tell a great deal about whom a person is. From the outfit they wear, to the conversation they prefer to share. A person’s first date is their prime opportunity to make a distinct and extraordinary first impression with someone they have never met before in a specific setting.  Naturally first timers on the dating scene have the jitter bugs, and no matter how many dates a person has delved in, even for the individual with the most so-called ‘swag’, the first one for the most part usually starts with a bit of apprehension and tense predispositions. However, it’s always good for men to know a little bit about the woman they’re interested in before deciding to engage in a. But what if you are completely clueless on what drink to order when the opportunity presents itself to put that knowledge to work? Many men don’t know what to order for women when going out on a date, simply because they haven’t become familiar with that individual’s taste palette.

Social research has shown that 85% of communication between individuals is actually non-verbal. That being said, there is an underlying communication through taste itself. If the tension is a tad thick, a lady may choose to loosen up and desire a drink to relax her. If she happens to fancy hard liquor outside of wine, it’s a plus to know what alcohol, flavors, and mixers she may want. Based off of my own experience while on a first date the top three drinks I recommend were Cosmopolitans, Martinis, and Mojitos. They come in a variety of different flavors and the taste never leaves your mouth with a bad savor.


One beneficial method a man can utilize on occasion is to guess what kind of drink a woman enjoys by simply asking what types of drink she hates. In particular on a first date, a woman will want something presentable that looks delectable to the eye and even more amazing in taste. Cosmos are a great first starter due to the myriad of Vodkas available and their perfect infusion with cranberry, lime, orange juice, and other mixers. With so many choices this drink of choice can sometimes be sweet and simultaneously spicy in cost, but they will often times never have you sloppy drunk as long as you know your limits of course.


It’s very rare a woman wants to a drink that’s tough to take. After all it’s not lady like to make sour faces to a person you barley even know. As for the Martini, it too comes in a variety of flavors, but can include a little strength and bitterness to the tongue depending on the requested presentation. Whether she likes the bold taste of gin and vermouth shaken or stirred, it’s a drink best sipped in moderation.


Lastly the exotic Mojito; a subtle calm drink with a delightful garnish of fresh mint also has its unique style. One very important tip to keep in mind when drinking a Mojito with mint leaves is to drink from the straw so that no leaves get stuck in between your teeth. Not the best thing to see when you happen to glance in the other person’s mouth. Again, the first impression on a date is usually a long lasting one, so why leave a notion with someone that’s not worth remembering. Paying attention to what a ladies preferences and deciphering her taste show a man’s vested interest in what she likes. It keeps the atmosphere live and curtails boredom with creativity that both can enjoy. Remember to always drink responsibly and if you hit it off the first night, but have too many, responsible daters don’t drink and drive.

By: Taelor Cage

Touch: Relationship Status: Single; “The New Normal”

3 Feb

Touch: Relationship Status: Single; “The New Normal”

“I would much rather be single than to keep bad company.”

What do you think when you meet a man or woman who is still single in their 40s, 30s, or 20s? I’m sure your perception of them changes with the age group they are in, right? If they are in their 40s and single, “Something is wrong” or “You’re a loser”; single in their 30s, “What are you waiting for?”, “They must be afraid of commitment”; 20s “You still have time”. The fact is, singles are a growing portion within our population. In 2012 it was determined that 102 million people in the United States were single. Being single today is so celebrated that it even has its own holiday “National Singles Week” (September 16-22). I can only imagine the debauchery going on in Vegas and all other party cities around the country during this time.


I am 24 and single; have been for 2 years now. Not  too long ago, a male friend of mine asked me why I was still single, and instead of the usual answer I always gave when asked that question “Just haven’t met the right person”, I paused and reflected on what may be the real reason I have been single for two years.  While thinking of the reason, I quickly had a mental rendezvous with my past and the men I had come across. I pondered on the many reasons they never worked and the tons of excuses I would come up which always happened to be centered around the answer, “I don’t have time”; it was the simplest excuse that many understood. I had pranced around as though being single was liberating and there was evidence that I was “doing me”, and with every accomplishment that I had made there was yet another reminder that I didn’t have anyone to share it with. Although I claimed to be a woman on a mission, sometimes the pressure from family and friends made me feel as though I was doing something wrong for not being in a relationship or trying to settle down. For women, we want to have it all, a successful career, family, and a social life. The unfortunate part is, it appears you can’t have one without the other ones suffering.

The pressure for women to settle down is greater than that of men. Women who want to have kids have a shorter amount of time with their ability to have kids lessening each year past 30. Therefore, the pressure to settle down hangs like a cloud and creates anxiety like a  ticking time bomb. All the while, our society has begun to develop a culture where the single life and single parent homes are much more common than marriage.

“Most people who are single seem to want to eventually be married,” says Michael Rosenfeld, author of The Age of Independence, about young adults living on their own. “But they’re putting it off. In the past, there just weren’t that many single, young adults supporting themselves. It’s a new phenomenon, post-1960, and getting stronger every day.” (USA Today)

I asked several people about their views on being single and its benefits:

“Being single allows me to focus on my goals; but the downfall is that you don’t have anyone to share your accomplishments with.” (Male respondent)

“Being single allows you to discover yourself and your desires without hurting someone, but you just don’t have anyone to share it with.” (Female respondent)

“ Its only good to be single because you don’t have to answer to anyone and you’re free, yet the bad part is that you spend many nights alone and have no consistent sex.” (Male respondent)

“Being single is bitter sweet, bitterer in my case. I prefer someone to take on the world with someone rather than alone.” (Female respondent)

“If you are bringing baggage from an old relationship into a new one, it is best to stay single. People bring their baggage to a new person expecting them to be ok with it. It’s not fair to the new person you are with.” (Male respondent)

“Being single is everything.” (Male respondent)

I agree that being single is a time for reflection and discovery, however I think that being in a healthy relationship is far more beneficial. That takes me back to answer my friends question about why I’m still single. And to that I can say that I would much rather be single than to keep bad company.

To the reader: What are your views on being single and the future outlook of our society with the growing amount of people choosing to remain single?

Written By: Danielle White

The Fashionista: Fashion to Functional

3 Feb

The Fashionista; Fashion to Functional

After having a debate with a fellow gentleman about the essence of the pocket square, I explained how anything with pockets on the chest deserves to be complimented with a savvy pocket fold, not only does it bring out the color on the blazer or vest, but it also helps in the mileage of the suit while changing up the shirt/ tie. Now the pocket square comes in different sizes, textures and prints, although it may seem to be worn with business attire it can be worn casual as well.  The pocket square is a small accessory that when added to an outfit allows men to express themselves and vary their look without any hassle. There aren’t too many accessories that can be worn in so many different ways, for example; the folds on the pocket square can get very creative depending on the material (Cloth, Wool, Silk). A cloth/ wool pocket square can hold as many bends as possible, although silk looks the best because of the texture the folds are limited. For the beginner’s out there here’s a simple fold you may want to utilize on your next outing.

1- Open up the square.

2- Fold it in half, lengthwise.

3- Fold it again, this time from bottom to top.

4- Position the folded square in a diamond shape with the exposed folds at the top corner. Fold what is now the left corner in to the middle of the diamond.

5- Fold what is now the right corner in to slightly overlap the left fold.

6- Fold the bottom corner back so as to expose the preceding two folds.

7- Slide it in the pocket into jacket or vest, adjust occasionally. After mastering this basic technique, folds will become limitless.

By: Khorry Lewis

Hear: Vinyl Junkie; The Addiction of Vintage Sound

3 Feb

Hear: Vinyl Junkie; The Addiction of Vintage Sound


Music is one of the purest forms of therapy known to man; it releases energy inside of us that can be seen as positive expressions into a euphoric and nostalgic time zone. Not only does music take us back to any time period (past or present), but it also makes the good and talented artists we reverence stay relevant in our ears.

IMG_5959In my recent endeavors I began collecting vinyl records as a pastime now turned into an everyday hobby. The sound vinyl records bring to the soul is incomparable to those of any other sort. For music junkies who collect vinyl’s and dig through crates at record stores know the feeling they once had when pealing the package off of a CD and playing the album for the first time. That same feeling is slowly dying now that we are living in a digital age where our musical culture and practices are dictated through instant download. Vinyl’s are truly the last of a dying breed with only a few record shops in a handful of cities to sell records from independent distributors.  Many distributors set up monthly events catering to the sporadic vestige “Crate Diggers”, so they can buy and swap records amongst each other. The art of the trade of the vinyl discus is nothing short of incomparable.  The crate diggers scene is considered an underground world for those who truly appreciate the actually sound of music.

Walking into a record store and seeing the many options of old school to new school records is a euphoric feeling in itself, and knowing that copies have been used and heard for generations brings a vintage feeling to each purchase. Vinyl records are the only form of music reproduction that is still being used since the 1920’s. Although the vinyl record began to fade during the late 80’s to early 90’s, it regained it’s popularity in 2008 with nearly 2.9 million units shipped; the most in any year since 1998. As of 2013 the vinyl record is still being used, distributed and collected. The sound and essence of vinyl will never fade away like the artists of its time.


MORE MUSIC LOVERS…less music artists!

This website will be your guide to every record shop in Southern California:

By: Khorry Lewis

Photos By: Lashaun Burnett

Smell: The Top 5 Best Smelling Cigars

3 Feb

Smell: The Top 5 Best Smelling Cigars


Whether it be a political revolutionary, NBA legend, Hip-hop mogul, or even myself as the Chief editor of this publication, there is one vice that cultured and refined men partake in from time to time to unwind and on occasion bring in a celebration…a damn good cigar. The long history and art of cigar smoking and the wealth of knowledge that has followed it can be traced through the tobacco leaf like the lifelines on your palm. The realm of  cigars is a place where the quintessential gentleman who may or may not consider himself to be a regular smoker can become a guru of the leaf like a connoisseur to his scotch. Some may say that smoking is a nasty habit, and that in it’s own right can be substantiated through much medical evidence.

However, those who do indulge still savor the smell of  a prime Nicaraguan or Dominican Robusto or Corona. And for the true aficionados who have the efficient means and pull, the highly sought after Cuban cigar is the smoke of choice.


Contrary to popular belief not all cigars taste as they smell, and not all cigars smell as they taste. There lies a differentiation between the wrapper leaves that encompass the filler and the varying strengths of tobacco within the cigar. Experts will tell you that the darker the wrapper, the sweeter the flavor, and the lighter the wrapper, the less flavor will be garnered. In addition, the part of the tobacco plant where the leaves are grown from, and the soil it is grown in have a significant effect on the flavor of the blend.


tumblr_ltqpjzhxlf1r4nooho1_500A practice among cigar smokers is the classic pass beneath the nose. Through this one can identify the full-bodied cigar that will offer an elongated experience from the milder, smoother cigar that may provide a quick, enjoyable smoke for on-the-go. Over the past year, I’ve grown accustomed to sharing a Churchill or on occasion a luxurious Toro with business associates and friends, and so here is a brief list of my personal Top 5 cigars that exhume the best scent over good conversation and libations. Helpful Tip: A seasoned smoker always has a lighter on hand, and a cutter in the breast pocket

For more information on these cigars and others visit

Written By:

J. Thompson

Senses Lifestyle Magazine: December 2012 Issue

4 Dec


Greetings & Happy Holidays!

2012 is almost at a close, and it has been a joy providing you our readers and supporters with the best knowledge we here at Senses Lifestyle have to offer to make your quality of living that much more diverse and meaningful. This month we’ve included a variety of content including a couple of interesting perspectives on Taste and Touch this holiday season. While this time of year is a joyous period of celebration for some it can come with negative connotations and habits. Taelor Cage explores the question of whether our respective indulgences are furthered as alternative methods to avoid stress through Over Indulging or Just Improvising and shows you how to turn those same vices into positive actions. For those men who find themselves in an emotional thicket when it comes down to holiday shopping and keeping your lover, Danielle White delivers her ideas in Holiday Gift Ideas To Keep Her to buying the right gift and attaining an even greater return. Looking for the right sweater or jacket to give your family member who’s closet is full of prior season garments? Take a look at Staying Warm for the Holiday Season for stylish suggestions from Khorry Lewis and it doesn’t hurt to create the perfect 1, 2 gift combination with a new, urban look this Winter! And if you’re looking for a new artist to tune your ears to while you trim your tree, Khorry invites you to take a listen to Daley, The British Heart Throb.  We’ve also chosen emerging fashion brand 2wenty5eight clothing as our Fashion Spotlight this season that will have you wearing the dream that you believe in! Should you be looking for that new, inspirational piece of  literature to launch you into the new year, we recommend viewing our 6th Sense  of Quality interview as Senses Lifestyle sits down with 2012 NAACP Image Award recipient and poet, James B. Golden to talk about his brand new book The Inside Of An Orange.

We hope you have enjoyed this year and wish you all the best that life has to offer in the new year! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @S_LifestyleMag and Subscribe to our site for all new issues in 2013!

“Senses Lifestyle…a lifestyle that will give you an excuse to be perfect.”

Joshua Thompson


Khorry Lewis

Director & Publicist


A Quality Moment With The Editor

TASTE: Over Indulging Or Just Improvising

TOUCH: Holiday Gift Ideas To Keep Her

SIGHT: Staying Warm for the Holiday Season

HEAR: Daley, The British Heart Throb

SMELL: Bleu De Chanel: The Provocative Stocking Stuffer

S_L Recipes: Get In The Game With BlkHrtAffair: Maple Thyme Whiskey Wings

6th Sense Of Quality: James B. Golden

Fashion Spotlight: 2wenty5eight


COVER – Photograph by R.SEE Photography

Edited by Johnathan Moreno

2wenty5eight Clothing

A Quality Moment With The Editor

4 Dec

A Quality Moment With The Editor

Persistence is key to realizing and fulfilling the dream…

Joshua Thompson, S_L Editor-in-ChiefThe year 2012 has been a year of struggle and triumph to say the very least. We have seen the socio-economic structure of our country fluctuate in a myriad of ways, and this has truly shaped the way in which we as Americans relate to one another and view our society as a whole. From indications of potential financial meltdowns, to a heated political race for the presidency, to a surge in mobile technology, it has all weighed in heavily on our perspective on how the modern world is changing. Now that we are on the cusp of transitioning into another unpredictable year the question that is presented is simply, Where do we go from here? It is my personal belief that to answer this inquiry we most reevaluate the vision we have within ourselves and the goals we desire to achieve. To attain positive progression we must adhere to our morals and values that we hold dear to bring change and hope to the generation to come.

Our vision as a people must not be of one of self reliance and gratification, but of collective perseverance and community. When we look at the historic re-election of our Commander in Chief whether you voted for or against him, there can be no denial that the central lesson that this year has brought us is the necessity for unity and persistence.  The “crabs in a barrel” syndrome can be extinguished if we distinguish our purpose to support one another and end it. We cannot give up though our desire for how our circumstances should be does not correlate with our per-conceived agenda. Persistence is key to realizing and fulfilling the dream. Remember to appreciate what you have daily will remind yo that we have been given a purpose to continue to gain our victory. Whatever endeavor it is that we want to achieve can reach its full potential if we continue to believe.

I encourage all to take advantage of the new year to come and to believe that your vision can prosper and not allow “di-vision” to separate you from your hearts desires. Whatever is mentally conceivable IS physically achievable.

Joshua Thompson


TASTE: Over Indulging Or Just Improvising

4 Dec

TASTE: Over Indulging or Just Improvising? The Dark Side of Taste

For people who are addicted to certain vices such as drugs, sex or alcohol there are typically meetings in which people who have addictions can attend and seek the help they need. The 12 step programs, sharing circles and accountability buddies are all within the nomenclature for the individual with an excessive habit they need restrained. But what if your problem isn’t big enough to seek help for? Many people know when too much of something good is enough while others indulge a bit too much. So is it true that too much of a good thing can harm you?


An exacerbated indulgence of any of the aforementioned categories can leave a person with an unwavering co-dependence and even transpire into an ultimately death. The number one cause of people over indulging in something is caused by stress. We as humans tend to stress and spread ourselves thin and so we find ways to cope with the stress instead of ending whatever is that is causing us to stress out. A significant amount of people eat or have sex unconsciously when problems occur in their lives. To gather clarity on this phenomenon I asked a few people their opinions regarding food and sex and if they utilized either of the two as their outlet from their everyday obstacles.


The majority of women I asked said that food is something they do find comfort in as their method of alleviating anxiety and/or stress. One woman who spoke with me specifically explained that she finds herself overeating when she arrives at her ‘time of the month’. We as women know when Mother Nature arrives on scene, so do the inevitable symptoms including food cravings, anxiety, and irritability amidst many more. In addition to this, the bulk of men said they do find sex as their respective outlet however, they find it not as dangerous to find that same outlet in food.  A man whose identity prefers to be anonymous said that when he finds himself stressed his first choice of outlet is sex. Both of these do something that eases that small part of our soul, which at times almost feels impossible to complete.

However, it is important to keep in mind that if you see yourself personally struggling with either of these two that there are alternatives to curving those desires. It is essential to realize that our mind controls the body. When we see food, smell food or think about sex that our minds develop a focus on just that and tell us that we are in need of that thing. We have to be able to distinguish our needs from our wants and take a moment to exercise patience and evaluate just what the result of our actions will give us, an ephemeral benefit, or long lasting hardship.

Written By: Taelor Cage

Edited By: J. Thompson

TOUCH: Holiday Gift Ideas To Keep Her

4 Dec

TOUCH: Holiday Gift Ideas To Keep Her


Many men feel the pressure of the holiday season to buy a gift for the special lady in their life. Whether you just started dating or have been in a relationship for a while, it can be a stressful occasion deciding what to give. The pressure can be so bad, that some men have even gone so far as to break up with their woman to avoid having to buy a gift.  November to January is rated one of the highest breakup times besides Spring Break, why? Studies suggest that the two primary reasons for a man calling it off around the holidays is because; One: He simply doesn’t see a future with who he’s dating or Two: He can’t afford to buy a gift. Makes sense to me! wWhy spend the holidays with someone’s family, spend your hard earned money, and put up a façade of happiness when all you really want to do is get the hell out of dodge? I think it’s smart to call it off before the holiday season, if you genuinely don’t see a future, why waste your time and theirs.

I’ve been broken up with before right before the holidays, and then the man came crawling back right before the New Years holiday. Did I take him back? I did, no one wants to bring in the New Year alone right? They say you’re supposed to have money in your pocket, and someone to kiss when the clock strikes 12 or you will be broke and lonely for the entire year. So I am going to help you learn how to keep both your relationship and your peace of mind when shopping specifically for your woman!

Fellas if you do see a future with the woman you’re dating, don’t break it off for the sake of not buying a gift, and don’t let the pressure of the holidays stress you out. People get so caught up in feeling obligated to give gifts as a way of showing affection that they lose sight of what is most important. If you can’t afford it or don’t feel comfortable buying expensive gifts so soon, think small and thoughtful. This probably won’t be for the type of woman that’s hard to please, so know your woman first before your proceed. If she is high maintenance, it just may happen that you may be the one getting dumped after Christmas.

Each of these gifts should cost no more than 30 dollars:

  1. Scarf
  2. Candles
  3. Gourmet chocolates from Sees Candies
  4. Framed photograph
  5. Bath and Body Works hand and/or foot cream
  6. A book from her favorite author
  7. Homemade baked sweets
  8. His and Hers ‘Ugly Christmas Sweaters’

All you have to make sure of, is that whatever you buy be sure to put enough thought into the act no matter how expensive a gift could have been it is no match for letting that special someone know you treasure what you have and genuinely thought of them this holiday season.

Happy holidays!

Written By: Danielle White

Edited By: J.Thompson